The Island House

The Spiritual Centre Church supports 'The Island House' home for people with disabilities through our annual christmas collection. This is a very worthwhile charity founded by one of our church members who is doing amazing work in difficult circumstances. Please visit their Website 
To find out more.

"The Island House/Die Eiland Huis is a centre that cares for Children and Adults who require 24/7 care. All are physically and/or intellectually disadvantaged and depend on the assistance and care provided by the centre. 

We are located in South Africa on the West Coast in the St. Helena Bay area. The centre has beach front access and has soft sandy beaches with an impressive view over the bay. 
We would like to thank you for visiting us on Face book and hope you enjoy reading the posts and checking out our photo albums. Please also share us with your friends and family on Face-book – we are very keen for the word to spread about the work that is done here to help those less fortunate.

Our mission is to provide a place of safety and tranquillity for the people in our care. We have 8 full time carers with a full time Admin/Finance Administrator, a Medical Sister, Cook, Cleaner, a General Maintenance Assistant and a Manager/House person. 

Our centre is a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) that relies on donations, the generosity and goodwill of the community it serves and all those who visit us at the centre. A small group of volunteers help with raising funds and assisting with the children.

The people we care for vary in ages from 6 years to 33 years old, so there is a vast range of special requirements to be catered for. The children have disadvantages such as Cerebral Palsy, Alcohol Foetal Syndrome and one young person has Angel Syndrome which is a very rare condition. Specialist care such as Therapists, Physiotherapy, Dental care and medical attention are provided for. 

The home was started by one person, Jimmy Duncan who had a need to provide for his daughter, Taryn and is one of the older patients catered for by the centre. He acquired the buildings in a poor, rundown state of repair and has built them up, with some help, into the smart buildings they are today. See our album called The House now and then, to view the progress made." 


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