Welcome to The Spiritual Centre Church of Cape Town. Our sanctuary is a spiritual home for seekers from every spiritual tradition and we believe that there is truth to be found in many places. As a church we are loosely aligned with the religion of Spiritualism, although our teachers teach from a wide variety of secular and non-secular sources.

You may notice two things about our services when you visit. Firstly, our services follow the format of a traditional church service; we sing hymns, have a reading and an address. The second thing is what makes us different, we have a demonstration of clairvoyance towards the end of every service. In years gone by this was done to prove to people that life continues after the death of the physical body, however these days most people accept that fact, so the demonstration of clairvoyance serves to offer messages of comfort, guidance or encouragement to those who may need it.

Before our evening services we offer spiritual healing to anyone who needs it. All are welcome to participate in this wonderful healing modality whereby our healers act as channels for the healing energy of God. From time to time we also run training workshops for aspirant healers wishing to join our team of healers and be of service to the community.

If you do decide to visit our sanctuary, please join us for tea or coffee at the end of the service. Feel free to ask us any questions, take a copy of our newsletter or a pamphlet on spiritualism or speak to one of our committee members who are always happy to be of assistance.

Our Programme

Sunday Evening Services

Every Sunday Evening at 19:30pm

Sunday Morning Family Services

Second Sunday of the Month 9:00am


Sunday Evenings

18:30pm – 19:10pm

Friday Night Talks

First & Third Friday of the Month (February – November)


We look forward to welcoming you to the Spiritual Centre Church.

The Spiritual Centre Church
21 Kendal Road, Diep River, Cape Town
P.O. Box 332, Bergvliet, 7864